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Haikou People’s Hospital International Clinic Medical Service Guide

国际门诊简介 International Clinic Introduction


Since its establishment in 2010, the International Clinic at Haikou People's Hospital has been committed to providing high-quality, comfortable, and person-centered medical services to Chinese and international patients, serving high-level talents and international friends from over 70 countries who work, establish businesses, and live in Hainan with their families.

国际医疗部副主任Dr. Timothy Stephens(沈义扬)是美国注册家庭医生,负责国际门诊各项工作,擅长成人和儿童常见健康问题的诊治和处理,包括从新生儿到老年人各个年龄段的疾病预防、心理健康、失眠和睡眠呼吸疾病、各种疑难病例、未分化疾病和多发病以及慢性病管理。他能流利地用英语、汉语、西班牙语和法语提供诊疗服务。 

Dr. Timothy Stephens is a board-certified family physician from the United States who serves as Deputy Director of the International Medical Center. He is responsible for overall management of the International Clinic and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of common health issues for adults and children, including disease prevention, mental health, insomnia and sleep-related breathing disorders, complex cases, undifferentiated illnesses and multimorbidity, chronic disease and health management for all age groups from newborns to the elderly. He can provide medical services in fluent English, Chinese, Spanish, and French.  

国际门诊医师团队以全科医生为主体,所有医护人员均具备熟练的英语沟通交流能力。 诊疗范围包括多种成人和儿童的常见病和慢性病、妇科、孕产检、心理疾病等诊疗,健康管理和咨询服务。

The International Clinic physician team is comprised of a core of general practitioners, and all medical staff have proficient English communication skills. The scope of diagnostic and treatment services includes various common and chronic diseases of adults and children, gynecologic, prenatal, and psychological health problems, as well as preventive health management and consulting services.

就诊须知 Visit Guide

(一) 患者可以通过拨打国际(特需)门诊电话0898-66151024、使用“海口市人民医院微信公众号”或到“医院预约台”现场预约。

Patients may schedule International (VIP) Clinic appointments by telephone in English or Chinese, via the hospital WeChat public account, or in-person.

(二) 国际(特需)门诊不提供急诊服务。如有危急症,请到急诊科就诊/拨打120电话。

The International (VIP) Clinic does not provide emergency services. Patients with a medical emergency should proceed to the emergency department or call 120.

(三) 工作时间:周一至周五,上午08:00-12:00,下午14:30-17:30(法定节假日除外)。

Hours of Service: Monday to Friday, mornings 08:00am-12:00pm, afternoons 2:30pm-5:30pm (except official Chinese holidays)

(四) 为方便患者就诊设置特需患者专属停车场(7号停车场)。如您有需要,请预约特需专家门诊号后,请在工作时间提前致电0898-66151024预留车位。

Free parking is available for patients who have booked an appointment with an International (VIP) Clinic expert physician (visit fee 200 CNY or above). Please call 0898-66151024 in advance during work hours to reserve a parking space.

地址及联系电话 Address and Telephone

(一) 地址:海口市人民大道43号海口市人民医院国际医疗部(3号楼)二楼

Address: Haikou People’s Hospital International Medical Center (Building 3) 2nd Floor, 43 Renmin Avenue, Haikou

(二) 预约咨询联系电话(汉语/英语):0898-66151024

Bilingual Telephone for Appointments & Inquiries: 0898-66151024

 特色医疗服务 Featured Medical Services


The International (VIP) Clinic medical and nursing staff can use fluent English to communicate with international patients. According to a ‘GP + Subspecialty + Multidisciplinary’ model of care, the International (VIP) Clinic medical staff includes a foreign family physician and high-level medical experts from 20+ specialties including medical and surgical subspecialties, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, sleep medicine, and mental health. In a comfortable, modern environment with a separate children’s waiting room and breastfeeding room, families of children can enjoy a relaxed ‘family-centered’ healthcare experience. Providing ‘one-on-one’ bilingual nurse accompanying service, nurses can accompany patients throughout the entire process of registration, evaluation, tests and examinations, assistance in receiving test reports, follow-up visits, medication, explanation of medical advice, and (if necessary) arrangement of hospitalization.

  就诊流程 Visit Process


After scheduling an appointment, patients can call the international clinic at 0898-66151024, and staff can explain how to prepare for the visit, including time and location, required documents (valid ID or passport, social insurance card), etc.

(三) 患者至国际(特需)门诊就诊,出示有效身份证件或护照,如已参加医保患者,需提供社保卡信息。

When patients visit the International (VIP) Clinic, they should present a valid ID or passport. If they participate in public health insurance, they should provide their social insurance card information.

(四) 双语护士协助患者现场挂号,全程陪同就诊、检查。

Bilingual nurses can assist patients with visit registration and accompany them throughout the treatment and examination process.

(五) 就诊结束,护士协助患者打印电子病历、取药或输液。根据患者病情需要,安排转诊、会诊或复诊事宜。如需住院,工作人员协助办理入院手续。

After the visit, the nurse can assist the patient in printing electronic medical records, retrieving medication, and arranging referrals, consultations, or follow-up visits based on the patient's condition. If hospitalization is required, staff will assist the patient in handling admission procedures.

(六) 根据患者情况国际门诊医护人员进行个体化健康教育,必要时可提供材料邮寄服务。

International clinic staff will provide personalized health education based on the patient's situation and provide health record mailing services if necessary.

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